Vision Board Notion Template

Dena Doolin
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Before you set out on getting after your goals, take a good look at what’s currently going on in your life so you can see clearly what you want to do with your time and take action towards where you’re headed.

- Choose a word of the year that is a guiding light towards your goals

- Define who you want to become so you can show up as your best self

- Write your mission statement to help you see what it’s all for

- Cast your crystal clear vision to focus on where you’re headed

- Map out your top 3 goals for the year with simple action steps

- Accountability & Alignment for when you need more support & motivation

- Create habits & routines that help you stay on the path to achieve your goals

  • 1 x Notion Template

  • 1 x Notion Template
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Vision Board Notion Template

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